70 Musicians Create a SUPER MARIO Medley

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The original Super Mario Bros. was a literal game changer for Nintendo, and it paved the way for one of the all-time greatest video game series. From the very beginning, gamers were enthralled by Mario’s impeccable gameplay and lost in the uniquely catchy music composed by Koji Kondo. In the ensuing three decades, Kondo has contributed to the scores of nearly every single Mario game. Now, the immense musical legacy of Super Mario has been turned into a medley, with themes from all of the games in the main series, even the Game Boy titles!

YouTube musician FamilyJules put together the ambitious video for Super Mario Super Medley: A Musical Tribute to the History of Mario. There’s nearly 20 minutes of music in this extended clip, and it was more than any single person could truly pull off. That’s why FamilyJules recruited over 70 different musical artists to contribute to the project, which goes from one memorable Mario moment to another.

Even Hirokazu Tanaka and Kazumi Totaka’s underappreciated Super Mario Land scores get their due in this video, but the greatest highlight came at the end when the time came to honor the latest title in the franchise: Super Mario Odyssey. From there, several singers began covering “Jump Up, Super Star!”, the swing-inspired song that serves as the primary theme for the sequel. That also made the video feel like a full musical production, even when the vocals took a more “metal” turn late in the song.


What did you think about the Super Mario Super Medley? Let us know in the comment section below!



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