Devil May Cry is the Latest Series Crossover for Monster Hunter: World

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Capcom has announced Devil May Cry crossover content for Monster Hunter: World with the above trailer.

You'll be able to unlock Dante's coat and two of his swords, Force Edge and Alastor, for use in the monstrously popular beast-slaying RPG.

Further details are scarce at the moment, but expect an event quest in the future that will allow you to earn the Devil May Cry goodies.

Dante, the hero of the Devil May Cry series, is heading to Monster Hunter: World as an unlockable skin, bringing with him two of his own swords that will serve as a new weapon for slaying beasts.

The invasion of the Devil May Cry franchise to Monster Hunter: World was announced alongside the release of the Devil May Cry HD Collection, which is now available on multiple platforms.

Dante In 'Monster Hunter: World'
Capcom announced the crossover between its Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter franchises through a Capcom Unity blog post. Meanwhile, the accompanying video showed Dante attempting to slay various monsters with his trademark style and flair.

One of the more interesting things about Dante's arrival to Monster Hunter: World is that he will come with his own weapon, the Force Edge, which will function like a Charge Blade. However, unlike others in the category that come with an axe that combine with the sword to create a shield, the Force Edge instead transforms into a massive Alastor, another one of Dante's own weapons. Players will still be able to guard as if they have a shield though.

There is still no official date on when the Dante skin will arrive to Monster Hunter: World. Players will likely have to craft it from items acquired by completing event quests, similar to how other unlockable skins have been made available in the game.

'Monster Hunter: World' Crossovers
Dante and the Devil May Cry series is far from being the first franchise to collaborate on a crossover with Monster Hunter: World.

The first crossover was with Horizon Zero Dawn, with the heroine Aloy offered to players as an unlockable skin. This was followed by Mega Man, but as a skin not for hunters but for the feline companions known as the Palico.

The most recently announced crossover was with Street Fighter, with Ryu and Sakura offered as skins that can also be unlocked through special event quests.

'Devil May Cry' HD Collection Now Available
The Devil May Cry HD Collection, which was unveiled in December last year, contains Devil May Cry released in 2001, Devil May Cry 2 from 2003, and Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition from 2006.

In addition to acquiring the original Devil May Cry trilogy, players will be able to enjoy the games at up to 60 frames per second, making Dante look extra stylish as he takes down hordes of enemies.

The Devil May Cry HD Collection has now been released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with a price tag of $29.99


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