John Oliver Muses About Trump And International Relations

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A little over the 2-minute mark he makes a joke about Trump never mastering object permanence. I thought to myself That is an obscure reference. I’m acquainted with the term because of that Child Psychology class from back in the day. Most people can probably figure out what the word means by the context. However, I thought it’d be interesting to find the official definition of the term.

Jean Piaget’s idea that children of about eight or nine months of age develop awareness/the idea that objects continue to exist even when one cannot see them. Before this stage, as far as the infant is concerned, items that are not within eyesight range do not exist.

You can check out the link above to see the complete definition and an example.


The thing that keeps me up at night is NATO’s Article 5. Article 5 states an attack against one member of NATO is an attack against all the members of NATO. The rub is that America will treat a Russian attack on Riga, Latvia, for example, as the same as an attack on New York City.

If you’re Russia, you act one way if you believe America will enforce Article 5. If you’re Russia and you don’t believe it, then Putin can decide where to build his newest mansion in Riga.

Faith is the thing that binds our relations together. It’s not the supernatural kind of faith, of course. It’s the faith you have in a person (or a country’s) word. Right now I wouldn’t put good money on America’s word.

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