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Nowadays, many companies are looking to promote their products & services to their own employees, this was actually something that was pioneered by Henry Ford (That guy who created the Ford Motor Company), he increased wages and decreased the cost price of his cars in order to open up a new market for lower-mid wage people to buy cars as-well, including of course, his own employees of which he had thousands!

While this practice has been forgotten for a while, it is now being seen more and more as the way to go as it keeps your users using your ecosystem and hooking them to your products and services, Apple, for example is doing that greatly, if you check out MKBHD's video "The Ecosystem Explained" where he explains todays hooks & ecosystems really well, you see that by buying into a brands product, you can get hooked to buying their other products as well.

How is technology catching up with this?
Well, to answer that question, we take a look at one of our partners and the reason why we decided to work with them.

— Skycoin —

Skycoin is a currency based on an economy platform called Skyledger. they created the platform that allows businesses like MDL Talent Hub to create a business environment with their own currency, in this case, called the “MDL Token”. The reason we call it an economy platform is because the Skycoin platform encourages people who buy virtual currencies from businesses on their platform, to spend their interests, called token hours, on assets the companies on their platform offer.

In MDL Talent Hub's case, this means that people can buy MDL Tokens to either purchase advertising space, promotional services or increased visibility amongst brands looking for talents but also for brands to pay the talents they hire.

Skycoin has been working on their technology for the past 5 years in order to perfect and stabilize the currency eco system they are developing.

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